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You Won't Get Rich

in the Stock Market...

Until you Change the Way

You Think About It !



In this seminar, Andrew Stotz, CFA, a 20-year veteran of the financial world, shares his 12 Principles for a lifetime of investing. This seminar is based upon Andrew’s book, You Won’t Get Rich in the Stock Market…Until You Change the Way You Think about It. Andrew created this seminar and book over the last five years ago, as he wanted to teach his five young nieces how to manage their own finances. He wrote from the perspective that the financial world is totally overwhelming for most people, particularly those with no experience or interest in the area, such as his nieces.

Over the last five years he has been on a journey to reduce the core principles of investing to a road map that anyone can follow and implement. Andrew’s more than 20 years of experience in teaching finance at universities, in addition to his full-time job as a financial analyst, made him perfectly placed for this task.
In his book, Andrew reviews the 12 Principles, showing where they came from and most importantly, what a person needs to know about them to build a sturdy financial future. After finishing this book, readers will be able to construct their own financial plan as Andrew walks them through each point.

19:00 - 20:30(现场签到: 18:30-19:00)

-CFA会员和CFA考生免费 -其他50元/人


Andrew Stotz, CFA, is current President of the CFA Society Thailand and is one of Thailand’s leading stock market analysts. He runs A. Stotz Investment Research, which helps individual’s manage their own money and to better manage the businesses that they run. He has been a university lecturer in finance for 23 years and is currently writing his PhD in finance at the University of Science and Technology of China. He is co-founder of CoffeeWORKS Co. Ltd., Thailand’s leading specialty coffee roaster and, an innovative online learning website.

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