2016 CFA level III:考纲变动分析详情

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2016 CFA level III考纲变动分析

2016年  CFA level III考纲变动的科目为:道德。



2015, SS2,R2.Pearl Investment Management (A), (B), and (C)(删除)

a. evaluate professional conduct and formulate an appropriate response to actions that violate the Code of Ethics

and Standards of Professional Conduct;

b. formulate appropriate policy and procedural changes needed to assure compliance with the Code of Ethics and

Standards of Professional Conduct.

2016, SS2, R2,reading 4. Asset manager code of professional conduct

a. explain the purpose of the Asset Manager Code and the benefits that may accrue to a firm that adopts the Code;(新增)

b explain the ethical and professional responsibilities required by the six General Principles of Conduct of the Asset

Manager Code;(调整)